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Our range of products includes various types of t-connections that will meet all your construction needs. We always make sure that our products are as varied as possible so that they can be adapted to any requirements. As a result, we offer steel equal tees made in accordance with the PN-EN 10253-2 Type A, PN-EN 10253-2 Type B, DIN 2615-1, DIN 2615-2, ANSI B16.9 standards, in accordance with KER and tees from forgings according to the drawings provided by the customer.

They are made using the best materials available on the market, which directly translates into their durability. They can be safely used in any pipeline.

We can also make steel tees to order, according to the customer's design. Simply contact us to determine the custom dimensions or material and our consultants will certainly help you to choose the best solution. In addition, we can supply tees made of turned impression die forgings and open-die forgings.

All products meet the requirements of the European Union, which can be confirmed by the relevant certificates that can be viewed on our website.

If you have any questions about our tees, please contact us by telephone or e-mail. We will clear up any doubts. We also provide advisory services in this regard.